My Story

Born in Texas to a single mother.  I have 6 siblings. My husband and I moved to California in 1979.  I have twin daughters and one grandchild who is the light of my life. My grandchild is the reason I sometimes call myself “richnana” because he exposed the need to always have some cash in your pocket

I have worked at several Fortune 500 companies in California including Lockheed, Comcast, Southwest Airlines and more.  But I was never satisfied working for someone else.  My primary jobs have  always included training individuals how to use computers to enhance their work productivity.  But my goals was always to tecah them how to use electronics to better  their lives.  I love training.  I have also written articles for Affiliate Marketers.

In October of 2018, my siblings and I decided to sell my mother’s house.  The house had unpaid taxes and was becoming an eyesore in the community.  However, we discovered that in order to sell the house, we had to provide some indept information about our family history.  We did not probate a will so the house and my mother’s  estate was considered intestate (dying without a will) . This caused a problem with the sale and distriution of funds.  The most important process that we had to provide was an affidavit of heirship listing my mother’s husbands, date of marriages and divorces. The list had to include information about each sibling.

My sister Hhari and I discovered that there were other people listed as owners of the house.  We had to search property record, find missing documentation that my mother had in fact paid off a lien.  The lien was paid off in 1987 but the owner of the lien had never relased it.  We were require to do intensive research  on the Tarrant county records webiste, and a host of other online peoplefinder sites to try to unravel the ownership and heirship for this property.

Thankfully, we were able to combine our resources and gain considerable knowledge of how to find the information we needed to close the sale on my mother’s property.  All of the siblings received a monetary share in the proceeds from the property.  My mother also had some money she had left  in a bank account.  The state of Texas requires the same type of affidavit for individuals to claim their funds.

Given the fact that approximately 70% of the population dies without having made a will, tracing potential beneficiaries is big business, not least because it’s pretty rare to die without at least one relative still alive.

Having dabbled in Multi-level Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Amazon Affile marketing, et al for years, I also had a burning desire to find a program or platform for work-from-home-hopefuls that genuinely could provide them with a stable income.  Being retired and on a fixed income I could relate to those women and men who truly wanted to change their financial lives using the power of the Internet.

Finding lost Heirs is Big Business.  California has created a win-win situation with its Investigaor Program for Unclaimed Property.  I am writing an ebook  “How to earn 100K/year Finding Lost Heirs”  This ebook will explain in detail  how anyone with a computer and Internet access can compete in this market and make a nice income for just a few hours of work.

Heir hunters, genealogist researchers or probate detectives are set up to find people who may be in line to inherit some or all of a deceased relative’s estate.  

The process is relatively simple and strightforward.  However, you start thinking that the financial institutions  don’t look too hard to find these indiviudals.  As an example I found a gentleman in the California database who had unclaimed property in the amount of 373,000  left in a checking account.  The individual had an unusual last name.  With a few hours of research, I found the relatives of this individual on Facebook.

I sent the relatives a message on Facebook  that their grandfather had unclaimed funds from the State of California.  Within a few hours, the initial money was claimed by the family.  I have not received my 10% commission from these individuals because I gave them all the information they needed to claim the initial funds.  However, The decedent also had an insurance policy worth $53,000.  I sent the family a contract to be signed and returned. to me so that the state will issue me a check for $5,300.00.

So try being a heir finder to increase your financial picture.  There is no upfront costs except your time investment.





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