How To Become an Unclaimed Property Investigator for the State of California.

It is exciting to find lost heirs for property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.  In fact, my company GinJoSu Website Services has transitioned their focus from affiliate marketing to finding lost heirs.  Fortunately, I live in the state of California has made finding
 unclaimed property for profit opportunity available to anyone.  No private investigator license is required.  The State Controller’s Office for the State of California provides a database of all the most current unclaimed property, all the investigator paperwork that isequired.


There is an investigator handbook available on the website…

This website provides all the forms you will need to claim the assets for the heir.  A database of unclaimed property is also available for download.  Many of the other states do not provide this type of access.

For heir hunters, asset recovery can be either a full or part-time job.  For the very large firms who have made heir finding their core business heir finding is a full time job. These firms scrutinize several types of databases from insurance companies and the government-produced lists for names of people who have died intestate.  Their job is to find the beneficiaries who are not easily traced by routine searches.

Investigators, heir finder, asset recovery teams provide a valuable service.  The California Investigators can only charge 10% of the recovery amount which is fair and equitable.  However, the so-called professional firms try to extort high percentages of up to 36 percent in some cases which is not fair.

People and businesses should be paid for their efforts.  Heir finders, investigators, asset recovery experts do provide a valuable service but most people are Leary of anyone who tells them they have money due.  Because of the vast number of SCAM online, most people will not believe that you have found money that they are entitled to claim.

You, if you decide to do this as a profession have to be diligent and forthright.  If money has been sitting on the unclaimed property database for 3-5 years and you alert the family that that money is available, you deserve to be compensated.  Unfortunately, with all the news coverage and media enticements for people to go online to find missing money, few individuals actually take action.  That is where you come in.  You help to clear the mountain of unclaimed funds and this benefits you, the state and the heirs.


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