How to Trace a Long-Lost Relative’s heirsEstate

How to trace a long-lost relative’s heirs to an estate

Many people do not know that there is a lucrative opportunity in becoming an Investigator for the State of California.  One aspect of that job  involves finding the living relatives of someone who has died without a will and ensuring they get their rightful inheritance.

When you contact the heirs of the owner of an estate, you will need to have some verifcation of the amount of the estate and whether there are other beneficiaries. You have to know that some individualds will try to go it alone and find their own money.  This is fine because beyond the obvious profit that you will make by reuniting them with their money, you also have the satisfaction of knowing that you just enriched someon’s life.

When I send my letters to the heirs, I tell thm precisely the amount that is due them and in some ccases I revel who has unclaimed proerty.  You also state in your letter that percentage that will be paid to you only after their inheiritance is paid to them.

My sister warned me that I was creating competitors for my asset recovery business by writing articles and writing a book about the process.  However, the state has a list of individuals that have unclaimed funds that grows on a daily basis.  Even though the pupblic is advised that there are billions of unclaimed funds, some individuals never check the site to see if they have money coming to them..

Even if a person is an heir to an estate, the paperwork involved in getting the moeny released may be owverwhelming to them.In some cases the heir is an older individual and may not be able to take all the necessary steps to get the validation that is required to claim their money.  That is where you ucome in.  You can establish yourself as an integral part of the process while only charging 10% of money that the individual did not even know they had coming.

Individuals will need concrete evidence of their claim.  they may have to create a family tree that can be verified.  They may need to find evidence of deposits and ownership papers to property.  They will need to have birth and death dates of other relatives who may have a stake in the property.

It would seem that 10% is a fair price based on the amount of information that’s available and the amount of work that would be involved. In short, don’t discount heir hunters, just choose carefully.

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