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Are you tired of spending big money on Pay Per Click Advertising and getting nowhere? ​
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I have spent over $200,000 on Google Adwords campaigns! ​Now
I have found a better and less expensive source of traffic.
How would you like to get real targeted traffic to your website for 1/100th the cost of Google Adwords?
What sounds better to you? Pay $1000. and get 1000 clicks? Pay $1000. and get 100,000 views of your site?
​This is a no brainer. Give me the 100,000 views for the same money as long as the quality is the same. Have you wasted money using Google Adwords, Bing,Facebook and YouTube paid advertising? Have you set up campaigns on Google only to find they now want $50. per click for your keywords or more?
Some of your visitors will be readers and others will be scanners. The readers will start at the top and read every. single. word. until they reach the end of the page (or until they can’t wait any longer and decide to buy). The scanners, on the other hand, will skip about looking for things that catch their attention.

Before Spending Thousands of Dollars on Expensive Google/Facebook Campaigns Test Your Ads Out With Less Expensive PPV

I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on pay per click advertising. It can work if you have a great campaign but you can easily lose thousands of dollars too.Basically Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook and YouTube have been the only top sources of advertising and they are just too expensive and tricky to work with.
I have been researching alternatives to the big boys and after spending thousands of my own dollars I have found a network which delivers real advertising that delivers.

Real Visitors for a Fraction of the Cost of Google Adwords or Bing!

And guess what? This traffic c

osts one tenth to 1/100th the cost of Google Adwords and it converts as well or better for the amount of money spent!! You can purchase packages from us from less than 1 cents per view!


Try to get traffic from Google for less than 1 cent per click. Forget it! Even if you spend 10’s of thousands of dollars with Google they can “slap” your campaign and decide arbitrarily that you need to now pay $10. per click or more! This has happened to me. Many times! Enough

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