Double Your Affiliate Sales

How to double your affiliate sales!

Posted November 24, 2014 by Brett Rutecky in Training Articles

So you set up your squeeze page. You have driven traffic to it. Your finally starting to build a list and your ready to start sending out some affiliate offers and start making some money for all the effort you have put in. Life is good right? Well not necessarily.

You see having a squeeze page and a list does not make you a marketer. Marketing makes you a marketer. What is marketing? In its simplest form its selling things. So you actually have to sell things to be a marketer. However all to often I see people with a bit of a list fail to make actual sales, or if they make sales they make a low number with a poor conversion rate. Well today I want to go over some of the common mistakes people make when promoting affiliate products that kill their sales as well as one thing you can do that can double your conversion rate.

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