Passive Income Machine That Earns $4,127.95 Per Month

If you have not read the post concerning How we are going to show you how to go from Zero to $4,127.95 then please read the post here.  This page contains precise details of what you need to do to accomplish this feat and how we are going to help you get there.…-zero-to-4127-95/

Hello and thank you for the overwhelming interest in our simple system that will help you earn $4,127.95 per month. With hthe help of our 1K team, I have finally found the way to start earning real mney online.  For the most part I follow the exact products offered by the 1K team which include the autoresponder and the Easy Leads ^ Cash Program because it is easier to use the alrady “Done For You website that the program creators have created to get you into profit fast.

A Twist on the Money

But what I am offering is a trade-off for you to get you 100 instant referrals into your sales funnel that you can market to over and over again and once you start the ball rolling you will have unending leads for any business that you want to promote.

This is your opportunity to get unending leads and earn cash for your promotions: Rather than joining “Easy Leads & Cash Program, Why not jump start your business with 100 real-time leads that can boost your income, fill in your mailing lists and we all make money. The Benefits:

You get:
100 MLM Leads loaded into your Contact Manager
– Access to our Unlimited MLM Leads For Life Program
– Easy to use Contact Manager
– Proven results scripts
– Training videos and tutorials
– Funnel that drives traffic to your primary business
– And more…

These leads are directed to your account

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