Automation is Smart Business

Automation is the key to getting  consistent results with your marketing  

As marketers seek for more ways to increase their incomes in  2017 and beyond, many will look to automation as many of their daily tasks as possible.  They will need to find software that will  manage and grow their social media presence.

Some tools are already being used as partial automation remedies, the autosponder is perhaps the most used and most beneficial tool in the arsenal of the Internet Marketers.  The autoresponder is the backbone of the marketing and sales funnel.


One of the scary things about autoresponders is that as your list grows, and we all want that, so does your monthly payments.  This increase is not a problem when a marketer has become financially sound, but for a new marketers an increase of 50-150% percent might prove to be a problem.

Recently, I started advising marketers to use Trafficwave autoresponder as one of their automation tools because not only does it offer all the bells and whistles of the higher priced autoresponders but it has a very lucrative payplan that can earn up to $88,567.00/month .  Of course, this amount of income generation will take time but since this is a tool you will need for your entire marketng career, over time, more and more people will enter your network.  The money willmake for a nice retirement benefit and only costs $17.95/month regardless of the number of individuals in your list.

Earn $88,567.00 a month with your autoresponder..

Social Media Marketing Automation

Social Media automation tools are critical for online marketers because they can help

marketers grow huge opt-in list quickly

These automation tools can post to social media platforms for up to 365 days. per year.  Since your can reach so many individuals in such a short period of time, it just makes sense that your autoresponder costs become a fixed costs rather than a flexible one.

The truth is many people on your lists will not puchase anything from you immediately, it will take time and consistency on your part to make your list start paying for itself.  But, inctime your list will become your most valuable asset.  It is critical to control costs in the early stages of your Internet Marketing career so that you can continue to makret your products and services until you get to the “Internet Lifestyle”

Software automation is a tried and true method for social media marketing that will allow your social media efforts to go farther, faster. clik it is different type of social media marketing tool that actually uses the content from top sites to help you build your list.

Some softwar allows you to schedule content to post to multiple platforms, another huge timesaver.rt – More and more customers are reaching out to brands through social media channels. Companies are realizing that clients are moving

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