Work From Home and Make A Lot of Cash

You can work from home and earn money.  I have a friend who recently started doing coding from her home office.  This friend earns a 6-figure income working from home.  This is a fantastic oppportunity.  The downside is that it was necessary for her to get sevral certifications and she is still controlled by her corporate employer.

The knowledge required to get this job is intensive college courses, an internship for 6 weeks (no pay) and the necessity to call in to report her time and efforts on a daily basis.  At one time they required that she account for every 15 minutes that she was away from her computer.  The process included time in the bathroon??

If you have to work from home let us make it fun and profitable.  I decided that although the income for this job was great and the amunt of money that she made was great, I did not want to report to a boss.  I wanted to be the boss and only accont for my time to myself.  This is the reason for the Instant cash programs that I promote.

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