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How To Make a Money Giving Stuff Away

Your follow-up emails are your silent salesperson

A follow up email is super important after several events:(if you’re not into this kinda stuff,

you can completely skip this post and just leave money on the table

For certain professions like Internet Marketers, a simple follow up email can sometimes start

a domino effect that can ead ti thousands fof dolllars in sales.

The best follow-up emails offers some advice or a free gift, tools, or polite

conversation about the issues of the customer.

Avoid sending spammy “buy my stuff” emails, your customer gets enough of

these on a daily basis.

Theme of email: As a follow up email, send useful tools you may have discussed on the call.

Follow-up emails should  be courteous and helpful rather than spammy and annoying!




The best follow up emails offer something of value.  They provide

advice and insights into the problems of the customer and offer solutions to

your customer.  Keep in contact with the customer but do not send a

barrage of emails space the emails over a period of time but

make the customer aware that you will be sending valuable information

and information gifts, reports, that will help them do what it is they

need to do to improve their lives.  The focus of the email is on the customer’s issues

NOT your bank account.  If you keep these elements in mind whe you craft your email messages using your autoresponder, you will ge

a better response.  Using trafficwave.netyou can create 52 weekly messages to your cntact list.  Insure that your mails

are formatted correctly, include appropriate links and always offer something of  value.


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How to Make Money Giving Stuff Away