How to Make a Million Dollars Online

One Million Dollars$1,000,000 – Not as big of a pile as you thought, huh?
Still, this is 92 years of work for the average human on earth

How to Make a Million Dollas Online

Making a million dollars online is just a series of processes that start small and end in a big payday.  There are many business models that can get you to that million dollar mark.  Many of the business models are well known by online marketers.  Many marketers convince themselves that there is only one way to achieve their fortune online.  they become blinded to any other opportunities or programs that may aid them on their way to their million dollar payday.

Despite what many people may believe, making a million dollars is not MAGIC it is just mathematics.  Another obvious fact is that if you are on the Internet, you have everything you need to break that million dollar mark in record time.


But let’s look at the ways to makea million then we will tell you the one we chose and why.

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Multi-Level-Marketing
  3. Selling Physical Products (AMazon)
  4. Contiuity Products
  5. Coaching
  6. Info Marketer
  7. Agency Services

Selling Software for the Million Dollar Paycheck

We decided to sell software as our road to the million dollar paycheck.  No,  we don’t want to create it, we are not hiring developers, and doing launches, we just take the really good valuable stuff that other software developers create and we sell it to the millions of affiliate marketers, homebased business owners, multi-level marketers that need it.

1.Now the software sells for from $37.00 to $97.00 each.  Those are great figures because we receive a 100% commission for this software.  We in fact OWN our own software store.

2.  We offer a ladder of success for those individuals who may not have the top dollar amount to build their own software store.  The top dollar amount is $1,000 in instant commissions.  Did I say quick Cash? Now for those individuals who are new to marketing and selling anything online we offer them the opportunity to purchase the Softwar Silver Club package for $9.95  They can then sell this package directly from the included website and make some quick easy cash.

The first progam you need to join is  Traffic Wave is like a retirement poligy for online marketers.  You can make an absowith Trafficwave .net.  Up to $88,567.00/month  Join Here.  You get 30 days Free Trial to Try it out

 Step #1.  if you need money for promotions and advertising earn $9.95 over and over again 


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Once you start making money, we suggest that you invest in your retirement. by joining  Trafficwave is that one software program that will make you a fortune over time.  It takes consistency but at the top of the matrix you can earn $88,567.00/ month.  With our massive traffic co-op we expect all of our members to get a nice paycheck from trafficwave after 6 months.

Step #2. The Massive Traffic Co-op that we sponsor will get your income soaring. The Traffic Blitz advertising to 1 million peole per month for 6 months.  Its is Amazing. You can get the particulars of the Traffic Blitz by clicking Here 

Social Media Traffic Blitz



Step 3 – Get Ready to make the million dollar paydays


According to a recent survey 29% (1 out of 3) small businesses don’t have a website in 2017?   The main factor sited by these businesses was cost.

This means there is a HUGE opportunity for smart entrepreneurs to capture these businesses as clients. But how do you deliver quality website at price that makes it a ‘no-brainer’ for prospects?

The 1 Up Wonder Program is the Answer Earn $250, $500, or $1,000

Not Just A Theme,

It’s A Web Design Startup

Business In A Box:



75,000 Websites are created each week.  Even with this statistic, Everybody does not have a website.  Many businesses site costs as the factor that prevents them from pursuing a FULLY FUNCTIONAL Webiste.  You can offer the soution to these businesses and online entrepreneurs.





Everybody Already Has A Website Right?
Get Ready To Be Shocked!
Everybody Already Has A Website Right?
Get Ready To Be Shocked!


How to Make Money Giving Stuff Away

How to Earn $88,567.00 A Month with your Autoresponder

 How to create cash flow with email marketing.

Are you struggling with trying to figure out how to make email marketing work?

Are you trying to figure out how to use email marketing to grow your business?

Are you still trying to figure out what kind of business to start?

The 4 Steps Every Successful Email Marketer Takes!
Proven Steps To Help YOU Create Cash Flow with Email Marketing
Success Tips and Stories From Other Successful Email Marketing Professionals
Strategies You Can Put to Work Right Away!

We’re not talking about a lot of fluff. I’m simply going to show you what EVERY successful email marketer is doing and invite you to do the same with me.

How to Earn $88,567.00 with Your Autoresponder

To learn more, go here to request your free download:

You will be able to download my free 27 page Ebook and learn EXACTLY what you need to be doing to create cash flow with email marketing.

Yours In Success,

Brian Rooney


How to Make Money Giving Stuff Away

Lead Magnets – How to Build A List Machine

How To Make a Money Giving Stuff Away

Your follow-up emails are your silent salesperson

A follow up email is super important after several events:(if you’re not into this kinda stuff,

you can completely skip this post and just leave money on the table

For certain professions like Internet Marketers, a simple follow up email can sometimes start

a domino effect that can ead ti thousands fof dolllars in sales.

The best follow-up emails offers some advice or a free gift, tools, or polite

conversation about the issues of the customer.

Avoid sending spammy “buy my stuff” emails, your customer gets enough of

these on a daily basis.

Theme of email: As a follow up email, send useful tools you may have discussed on the call.

Follow-up emails should  be courteous and helpful rather than spammy and annoying!




The best follow up emails offer something of value.  They provide

advice and insights into the problems of the customer and offer solutions to

your customer.  Keep in contact with the customer but do not send a

barrage of emails space the emails over a period of time but

make the customer aware that you will be sending valuable information

and information gifts, reports, that will help them do what it is they

need to do to improve their lives.  The focus of the email is on the customer’s issues

NOT your bank account.  If you keep these elements in mind whe you craft your email messages using your autoresponder, you will ge

a better response.  Using trafficwave.netyou can create 52 weekly messages to your cntact list.  Insure that your mails

are formatted correctly, include appropriate links and always offer something of  value.


Brett  is the king of Innovative Software.  Get His Free Plug in and find out how

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Click Bar: Click Bar is a WordPress plugin that allows you to put a scarcity bar,

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Brett Offers Real Information on how to Build a List Using Face Book

How to Make Money Giving Stuff Away

1 Up System – Explained

The 1 Up Compensation system OUTPERFORMS ANY Online Commission Structure that has ever

been created. It blows the Socks Off of

  • Binaries,
  • Unilevel Breakaways,
  • Reverse Funnel System and
  • Automatic Online
  • Team Building system.


The Pay Plans for many MLM programs is so complex that you need a financial analyst to determine when, if ever

You will get paid. .

With the 1 UP system you give up  1 sale PERIOD. Let me explain the universal concept….

I have negated all other Payplans that are presented to me online.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER get talked into joining another Pay Plan EVER again

unless it’s the 1 UP!

This doesn’t mean you can’t make money with other structures.

It just means that the others are harder to work.

The 1UP is the EASIEST, FASTEST way to make CASH.


The PayPal is so Powerful and yet it is very Simple to

understand! You give up your first sale and then you are qualified

with ALL CASH coming straight to you!

Everyone Gives Up One!

Qualifiers keep rolling TO YOU for infinity!

When you make your second sale

(mine happened in less than 24 hrs.)

you will start another power line and you’ll

receive $20 commission immediately



But wait … there’s more!

Your second sale will now make their first

sale, and YOU will be paid one-up the

$20 commission because you’re their

qualified sponsor!


Every person’s first qualifying sale will be paid

directly to you in $20 commission payments.


Just think, every sale begins another profitable

CASH LINE, and each new person’s first sale

is sent directly to you!


With NO LIMIT to the number of Cash Lines,

the potential is MASSIVE for an unprecedented potential income!


Let me encourage you to do a well-doccumented research

about it … the very  fact that we are able to use PayPal as a method of payment

should speak volumes about the transparency of this opportunity!

If you noticed before … all the “shady” investment deals, HYIP, or bogus

get rich quick programs, NEVER use PayPal as a method of payment due

to their strict rules and regulations!


Enough Said! You’re not going to find a better sponsor (ever), or a better team, or program,

or system, or training, or support, or leverage.


Nothing to lose but fear… Just Get In!



How to Make Money Giving Stuff Away

Why the 1-Up & 2-up Plans Can Make You Rich

Sometimes they are called 1 Up or 2 Up systems.  The process involves the type of pay plan that is incorporated into the system.

With a pass up pay plan you pass up a set number of sales to your sponsor before you start keeping the money for yourself. Your sponsor has already passed up the required number so he makes his money now on you plus any of his own sales.

With a 2 Up this type of pay plan basically means that you will join a business opportunity that has a payment plan where you will make your first two sales but you won’t get the money for them. Your first two commissions will go to the sponsor that is above you. Then you will start making commissions on your third sale and all of the others after that.

There are a couple of benefits to the pass up pay plan. The first benefit is that it is designed to get sponsors involved in their team’s efforts. The more help they provide the people under them the more money everyone will make. They will need to teach them how to make the sales if they want to get those first two commissions.

Another benefit is that once you know how to make the sales and you are earning your own commissions, you will now be the one that will make the first two sales on anyone that comes into the business under you. So you can benefit from their first two sales you will need to teach others what you learned.

One of the negatives to the pass up pay plan is that not everyone will help the people under them. Some people want the money but don’t want to help others. So you have to make sure you find someone who will help you, if they won’t then you can contact other sponsors to see if they can help or contact the company for help.

Another negative is that once a person becomes qualified they are basically in competition with you as you do not earn money on any of their sales anymore. For this reason people who are successful with the pass up programs are very good at direct selling and have to keep selling to make money.

How to Make Money Giving Stuff Away

Benefit of Instant Cash Programs

When you find a program online that is honest and also provides superb member support and you find that you

can earn instant cash to fund your other programs It is time to stop and take a look at that program.  that is what

the instant cash programs that we promote provide to the online marketer who needs cashflow to continue

to promote their primary programs online.

We chose these three programs because they only require a one-time payment.  They are self-sustaining.

The Benefits of the 3 Instant Cash Program are”

  • EasyCash4Ads get paid to Advertise
  • Learn more powerful marketing techniques with Enviralizer
  • Leads are built into the system with MM ROD
  • No ongoing commitments.  One-time payment & you’re done.
  • You will never have to make any cold calls or direct-selling of any kind . . . unless you want to. For MLMRod, We have a solution for that.
  • There is no inventory, no handling or shipping products, no collecting payments, and no writing checks.
  • You never have to buy or accumulate any products.
  • There are no employee or management responsibilities.
  • There are no hidden expenses or fees.
  • You can build your business faster by offering valuable products for free.
  • A complete novice with zero business experience and zero Internet experience can set it up and operate in less than 5 minutes. If you can fill in a simple form and clickSubmit, you can do this money maker system.
  • Even the ultimate expert in Internet marketing and online business will discover valuable new information here.
  • Your costs will not rise as your income grows . . . in fact, your costs won’t rise . . . period.
  • I’m going to start the next Social Media Blitz Marketing campaign by the end of this month . . . Get in now so you can ride the wave of income!


How to Make Money Giving Stuff Away

Traffic Sources We Use

How to Make Money Giving Stuff Away


Earn $10.00 Over and Over


How to Make Money Giving Stuff Away

MLM Leads- Get 10,000 Leads

How to Make Money Giving Stuff Away

My $1.00 Business – $20.00 into $2,000/Month


Step 1: Watch The Video

Step 2: Make Money

The System does it for you when you join for $1 and refer 2 who do the same and so on.



How to Make Money Giving Stuff Away